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Commercial Solar Panels in Mondovi Wisconsin USA

Commercial Solar Panels: Are they really worth the cost?

We humans have taken the sun for granted. We didn’t value how powerful the sun is until we grew concerned about the environment, were asked by the government to reduce our carbon footprint, and were intrigued by solar energy’s power to reduce energy costs drastically.

Whether you are a big or a small business, there are compelling reasons why you must look for Midwest Solar Companies, the most significant being reducing the overhead electricity bills. As the cost of energy rises, putting your vast roof to good use can be a sensible decision both environmentally and financially. It is why many commercial organizations who’ve already realized the significant savings that can be made by installing solar panels on their roof to support the escalating electricity needs are embracing solar.

Cost of commercial solar panels

While most companies would talk about the benefits of solar energy, which there are plenty, you need to know the real deal behind installing commercial solar in Mondovi WI panel- its COST. The cost of generating solar energy can be pretty intimidating for commercial businesses and homeowners. However, what you need to consider is that these prices have been plummeting for the better part of the decade. In fact, the cost of solar energy has come down by 75% since 2006. That means solar panels today are 100 times cheaper than there were in 1977. Plus, increased support of research and development around solar energy also drives down costs and increases innovation.

On average, commercial solar panels range from $20,000-$150,00 inclusive of all rebates, incentives, and taxes. However, the final price of solar systems varies from one location to the other.

Factors that affect solar panel prices

  • The value of the American dollar: Some of the solar panel parts are made in Asian countries while others manufacture in-house, which is why the cost of an American dollar will play a significant role in determining the final solar energy price.
  • The incentives you receive for installing solar panels by state or national authorities: Some states offer better rebates than others, depending on your location.
  • Market competition: Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the number of Wisconsin solar companies. This has created a more supply than demand situation, ultimately forcing solar brands to sell panels at lower prices.
  • Manufacturing automation: The automation of the manufacturing process will also significantly reduce the production costs of solar panels.

How much can you save with commercial solar panels?

Every business owner wants to know the savings they can make with a solar system in action. Your savings depend on the size of your solar system and how much solar power your business consumes. The bigger the solar system, the more the savings. Most businesses consume nearly 80% of their produced power, so you can be sure of massive electricity price savings.

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