An Electric Bill Audit is a forensic analysis of the bills you have paid for electricity. Often times, these bills are overlooked. Electric bills are also extremely complicated. Just because the electric company is billing for it, doesn’t mean it is right. We have been auditing electric bills in-house for 5 years. We are energy bill experts and know the factors that are used to calculate each bill and the rules that electric companies must follow. Our audits routinely find errors on our client’s bills and know how to get them corrected. The result is REFUNDS AND SAVINGS on your electric bills. These results are achieved by identification, correction and/or implementation of errors such as:

  • Taxes and fees from which customer is exempt
  • Meter read errors
  • Meter/equipment malfunctions
  • Estimated meter readings
  • Charges for incorrect or non-existent equipment
  • Incorrect meter constants
  • Clerical billing errors
  • Billing for services belonging to others
  • Billing for unneeded services
  • Street light billing and inventory errors
  • Tariff and contract violations
  • Incorrect rates
  • Alternate rates and riders with regulated utilities
  • Negotiated rates and alternate suppliers with deregulated utilities

Electric Bill Audit Process

During our audits, we will review your accounts and obtain the necessary information to perform the audit. We will locate and document overcharges in order to obtain all applicable refunds. For any particular billing error, a claim for recovery will be filed as soon as that overcharge can be documented. Throughout the audit process, Midwest Solar’s will communicate with the client to keep them up-to-date on what errors are found, and what steps we are taking to resolve the errors. This includes reports (via emails, letters, and/or phone) and frequent communication as needed. 

The audit of all stated records will cover the full period available via utility vendor historical records, and will include discovery and documentation of any utility company errors, filing of claims to utility companies for recovery of funds owed to the client, and negotiation with utilities to ensure that all errors are corrected and all funds owed to the client are paid in full.

Electric Bill Audit Tasks & Responsibilities

Midwest Solar’s will undertake the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Service includes all resources required for completion of the audit. Except for initial documents needed from the client in order to begin the project, no other labor, materials, equipment, etc. are required from the client.
  • Obtain one recent invoice copy for each account to be audited from the client, along with supplemental information on your service locations necessary to perform the audit. If available, we will obtain the invoices electronically through vendor portals. We will then contact the utility providers to obtain historical billing and usage data. We analyze these records as well as utility tariffs, service contracts and all applicable state and local laws. During the audit, We will analyze each and every account, locate and document overcharges and other billing errors, and determine if rate adjustments or other cost savings opportunities exist.
  • At regular intervals and upon completion of the audit, We will submit reports to the client to summarize work performed including an detailed listing of each account audited, each error corrected, refund proposed or received, rate change or other cost savings measures taken, and the annual dollar amount that the client will save as a result of our work. Our reports will include recommendations for the client to ensure that errors found don’t occur again and tips for keeping your utility costs as low as possible.