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How To Find A Solar Company In Florida USA: The Top Tips

So, you’ve finally decided to go solar, but there is one problem. 

With so many overwhelming solar companies in Florida to choose from, how do you pick one?

People always get a little nervous whenever investing in a new service, and installing a solar panel does cost a few thousand bucks. However, contacting a solar company in Florida isn’t the same as calling a plumber. So, do you differentiate one solar company from the other?

First things first, don’t get intimidated by the technical nature of solar panels. The following are some tips to help you find the best solar companies in Florida USA and avoid the bad ones. 

Identify the solar company type: 

There are different types of solar companies in the market, and you need to determine which amongst them you need. For example, there are solar panel equipment manufacturers, solar panel installation companies, solar financing companies, solar panel dealers, full-service solar providers, etc. After you’ve identified your requirements, you know which type of company you want to connect with. 

Get quotes from multiple solar companies: 

Different solar energy contractors charge different rates for solar installation. Some companies are more competitive than others, which is why you need to consider every billing structure. The most straightforward approach is cost-per-watt, and your solar installer charges you a flat rate depending on the size of the solar system. However, by getting multiple quotes, you get a better sense of solar pricing and compare and contrast based on specific solar panel characteristics. 

Choose a company with expertise:

When looking to install solar panels for homes in Florida, the company you hire should be an expert in doing so. The best way to know your company’s standards is to ask whether they have the necessary certification and a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in solar panel energy installation

Check if the company is licensed and insured:

Solar in Florida installation companies should have all the necessary business licenses and insurance policies in place. In addition, they must hold the required knowledge, skills, and expertise to handle the wiring and electrical components of your system. Standard licenses for solar installers include general contracting, electrical, home installation, commercial installation, etc., requests. Also, installers must have public liability insurance and OSHA certification in order. 

Check their experience and track record:

Solar power is a rapidly growing industry. So, when planning to install solar in Florida at home, check if your installer has the required experience and steady work history. And more importantly, even after installation, the company must provide you extensive and continuous maintenance and support solutions. What matters isn’t the installation but the experience offered. 

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